3DS Verification

Handling 3DS Challenges in Loan Application Flow

To enhance user security and facilitate seamless disbursement and repayments, our web application prompts users to enroll their bank card issued by you as a partner to Froda. This enrollment triggers a 3DS (3D Secure) challenge, which is a critical step in ensuring the integrity of transactions. Here are key insights into managing this 3DS verification process within your application:

1. Enrollment Process

During the loan application flow, users are prompted to enroll their partner-issued bank card for disbursement and/or repayments.

2. Integration Requirement

Your application must seamlessly integrate with our system to handle 3DS challenges without necessitating the closure of our web application.

3. Continuous Flow Preservation

Ensuring correct handling of the 3DS challenge is crucial to maintaining the application flow. Incorrect handling may result in the loss of user state, hindering their ability to proceed in the application flow upon redirection from the 3DS challenge flow.

4. Preventing Disruptions

It is imperative that your application's integration effectively manages the 3DS challenge to prevent disruptions in the user experience. Closure of our web application should be avoided to ensure a smooth transition for users.

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to a secure and uninterrupted user journey through the loan application process. Proper handling of 3DS challenges not only safeguards transactions but also ensures a positive and efficient user experience within our web application.