To integrate the Froda Lending portal into your system, follow these steps for efficient customer onboarding via our Purchase Financing API. At a high level, the process entails the following key actions:

1. Create an Organization

Utilize the Create Organization endpoint to create the organization within the Froda ecosystem.

2. Create a new Invoice offer

Use the Create a new Invoice offer to create an invoice offer.

3. Redirect to Froda

Use the received OFFER_ID from step 2 to seamlessly redirect the user to the Froda application, ensuring correct redirection for both testing and production environments:

TEST: https://home.froda-dev.se/p/{PARTNER_ID}/offer?offerId={OFFER_ID}

PRODUCTION: https://home.froda.se/p/{PARTNER_ID}/offer?offerId={OFFER_ID}

Refer to the provided image for an overview of the application flow.