Customer Onboarding Process for Froda Lending Portal

To integrate the Froda Lending portal into your system, follow these steps for efficient customer onboarding via our Lending API. At a high level, the process entails the following key actions:

1. Create an Organization

Use the Create Organization endpoint to create the organization within the Froda ecosystem.

2. Create an Organization User

Use the Create Organization User endpoint to set up the user associated with your partner's application login.

3. Add Valid Bank Cards

Use the Update Valid Bank Cards endpoint to input bank cards authorized for disbursement/repayment in the application flow. This ensures secure card selection and prevents the use of unauthorized cards.

4. Add a Bank Account

If disbursement is not facilitated through the VISA card, use the Add Bank Account endpoint to specify a bank account for payout. This step is crucial when disbursement occurs via a bank account rather than the VISA card network.

5. Bank Transaction Data Sharing

If sharing bank transaction data with Froda for credit assessments, follow these steps:

See Transactions page for more info.

6. Create a User Access Token

Generate a short-lived User Access Token (expires after 2 minutes) to be appended as a query parameter when loading the web application into your own application.

7. Load Loan Portal

Load the loan portal into a web view or iFrame, incorporating the organization user access token as a query parameter for your application. Utilize your internal partner ID (YOUR_PARTNER_ID) assigned by Froda, and the USER_ACCESS_TOKEN generated in step 6.

<iframe src="https://home.froda.se/p/{YOUR_PARTNER_ID}/landing?token={USER_ACCESS_TOKEN}&locale=sv" width="100%" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Refer to the provided image for an overview of the application flow.