To integrate the Froda Funding into your system, follow these steps for efficient customer onboarding via our Funding API. At a high level, the process entails the following key actions:

1. Create a company

Use the Create Company endpoint to create the company within the Froda ecosystem.

2. Add KYC data to the company

Use the Add KYC data to the company to add KYC data for your company like information about ultimate beneficial owners, if the company operates outside the EU and if the company operates in high-risk countries.

3. Add contact information for a company

Use the Add contact information for a company to add contact information for a company. Froda will use these contact details if there is a need to contact the customer regarding a withdrawal.

4. Create limit request

Use Create limit request to create a limit request. When a requested limit has been assessed and approved the company's credit will become active and withdrawal requests can be created.

5. Create a withdrawal request

Use Create a withdrawal request to create a withdrawal request.

6. Sign contract

Use Sign a withdrawal request to sign a withdrawal request.

Refer to the provided image for an overview of the loan application flow.