Domain whitelisting

Ensuring Uninterrupted Content Delivery

To provide a rich and dynamic user experience, our application incorporates content from various external domains, including Vimeo videos and PDF documents. If your security measures include a Content Security Policy (CSP), it is essential to whitelist specific domains. This ensures the seamless delivery of content within the web application without encountering any blockages. Whitelisting is necessary to grant explicit permission for content retrieval from trusted sources.

Whitelisted Domains:

To prevent any disruptions in accessing external content, add the following domains to your CSP policy whitelist:

By whitelisting these domains, you affirmatively permit the loading of content from trusted sources, ensuring that your web application functions as intended. This proactive approach to domain whitelisting enhances security while maintaining the flexibility to incorporate diverse external content, resulting in an optimized and uninterrupted user experience.